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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Like every dreamer I envision my life full of many adventures, wealth, people, success, purpose, extravagance, accolade and a sense of propriety. Like every dreamer I want to reap what I sow and quite frankly I want to reap more than I’ve sowed. I want life to blow my mind!

As a child super heroes, magic, fantasy and strength appear to be common in cartoon land and our ability to “pretend.” We start out with the boldness to create whatever world we want to live in.  As soon as we begin to move through life and grow “old”-er we begin to lose our ability to wonder and eventually we stop seeing any point in believing in the impossible. We become practical and aware of now and that thinking at best keeps us stuck.

Being aware of the reality of now without the fantasy of tomorrow at best will give you a repeat of today. Old reality doesn’t permit new revelation or what hasn’t be seen and it doesn’t live beyond whats already been. Fantasy is opposite, and failure to popular belief it isn’t make-believe, it’s the true potential of our dreams. Dreams should be big. Most people live only for what can happen in their lifetime but a big enough dream should extend beyond ones life; not only will it build legacy but it will keeps us growing.  A big enough dream or goal will always require investment and vision for the longterm value and return.

Do you have faith for a dream/goal you may or may not live to see?


Using what you can now to build for what you want later is not about today as much as it’s about tomorrow but it takes the faith of today. Pursuing any goal is like building a savings account. Some dreams/goals/investments start small, you have to start somewhere, but there’s still value and every deposit adds up. The purpose of even starting a savings account is always for what’s to come. To complain about what it is now when its purpose is for what’s to come later is to sabotage its potential. Don’t become afraid to invest (believe,hope,want more), savings only increase if you keep giving to them. And don’t expect today to be tomorrow, instead use today for it. Today’s light illuminates the doubt oftomorrow’s darkness.


When an idea comes to mind it breeds excitement. A light turns on and then our brains turn on. Whether a few moments, weeks or months this excitement tends to wither. If your brain turns on and your heart doesn’t you won’t have fuel to keep going. Why? A new idea is like a light. Doubt and/or opposition is darkness. If we focus on darkness we will be consumed by it and eventually dim. The process of illuminating the rooms of our desires(hearts) takes investment. If you shut off the very thing that can bring light to the dark or undiscovered areas of your life you’ll never be able to see what’s there. I’ve learned it’s easy to light a candle but it’s difficult to keep it burning. It’s easy to save money but it’s hard not to spend. We must develop a lifestyle that feeds our light and sows into our hope.


-Make daily deposits. It can’t grow if you don’t give to it.

-Remove darkness. Whatever breeds doubt, distracts you or keeps you stuck will only add to it. As light shines it reveals and what you find that doesn’t fan your flame must be removed.

-Remain. A delay is not an end. One flame can light a thousand candles. The sun isn’t worried about the darkness as much as it’s focused on shining in it.

-Find an accountability partner or inspiration. What may feel pointless to you could be purposeful for someone else. Someone needs you to win, your defeat is building someone else’s victory and in turn your fight is strengthening you.


When we run from the fight we miss the opportunity of the victory because where this is no battle there is no victory. Don’t fret some things are only gained through the fight. The struggle you hate is not your enemy and the fight you want to avoid is actually your friend. That struggle/fight indicates the need to grow, activates your instinct and initiates your will to live. It’s not until you’re at the end of yourself that you will do whatever it takes to survive. That survival mode makes you stronger and gives you the experience to maintain your next-new level. Potential requires the process. There’s no way around today if you want to see tomorrow and thats good news because NOW you CAN TRUST that the investments you make WILL add up. Don’t wait any longer, today IS ENOUGH to gain more tomorrow.

Written in Milan, Italy.

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