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Some things aren’t avoidable: embracing your call to leadership is one of those things. At some point, what you thought was just common and natural to you, is a unique gift to you to give away. I’ve always been a motivator. I’ve always seen the world and its complexities differently -with unyielding hope and I’ve always felt that, in faith, I could overcome ANYTHING. Why not share a gift that works year-round in all seasons?


The gift of motivation and insight describe why I wrote my book, “The Mighty Little Book,” and why I'm bold enough to be paid as a professional speaker. It's the reason its sold at every major bookstore worldwide and why I use my social platforms to build community. I know I have keys that unlock the hero in others. I know I'm willing to blaze trails. I typically speak on discovering purpose, maintaining integrity/identity and overcoming obstacles. I don’t dictate, I lead by example. I don’t do the work for you, I hold you accountable by shining a light in the corners of your mind.

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