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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It’s two months or so into the year and I’m sure resolutions are faltering but the real question is WHAT WAS THE GOAL TO BEGIN WITH? And even more, WHY was the goal? Do your goals start with you and hope to end with you, or are they what will go through you and grow from you? I’m asking because a life wrapped in itself can’t produce life, for the blessing of life comes from giving it, not just living. The world is in a slow transition of power and standard. It almost appears as if everything is worsening and that to gain any type of success one has to either sell drugs or sell out on social media, but I believe we are just in preparation for a move of great leaders to finally surface. There are many now but every generation requires a new set of forerunners. Will you be one? If you answered yes, ask yourself why. If you answered no, you’re going to miss out on the true blessing of life-giving it.

Life should give and to help others come alive is to truly live. The time of those self-seeking for power is coming to an end and it will begin with you and I. Caring for those under you doesn’t make you weak, it strengthens your platform. Every person on earth matters and not just to be one of our steps to get higher but to be a unique puzzle in the picture of life. The picture of purpose. From what I’ve experienced in my life and career, thus far, I’ve noticed a tendency in people to be self-consumed and/or obsessed with the people above them; the people they either want to be like or have what they have. I don’t see many on top caring for the lower people. We have an innatee desire to strive and arrive but at what expense? Why do we; those that can do nothing for them. Why do we begin to lack care as we climb heights? Is this the way? Is this right? Yes, we all care when something extremely bad happens or our hearts are moved, but when will we care when its inconvenient or doesn’t benefit us? If the goal of your good deeds is to post for likes you’ve settled for like and fell short of love. If you require reward or notice for what you’ve done, you’ve just cashed in on your own check. Life gives remember?


Im not saying lack authority or assertiveness. Im not saying you can’t be in charge. Im saying a cloud full pours itself out. And when it does, the rain gives life. We have to get to the level of leadership and goal setting where the goal is to rain not just be full. The maturity of leadership adds no insecurity and therefore giving doesn’t minimize you, it expands your capacity to receive and give more. When you live in purpose, from love and with a sense of identity, every moment is an opportunity to give and one to receive. Therefore, you don’t have to shrink to become small, you just have to be willing to meet people where they are and allow your strengths to become their strengths. Most are afraid of giving people this type of power or encouragement because they fear their spot being taken, but know, no one could ever be you. Theres only one. If that doesn’t bring you security you probably haven’t figured out who you are.

You never know when the people under may become those above you and you ever know when you just may need someones help. Treating every person with compassion completes the circle, focusing only on those above you forms a long waiting line and only caring about yourself is suicide to your legacy.


If making history was enough we’d have to credit mass murderers, war starters, great thieves and drug smugglers. True impact is pure impact, meaning, it benefits those around not just affects them. In a day where plastic surgery, over sexualized content and the flaunting of oneself are the gages of popularity, we can’t lose sight of what is actually adding to life. Just because it gets you noticed doesn’t mean it’s doing anything of good. What gives you purpose may not make you popular. This isn’t a time where the world needs more of the same, it needs something different, that’s why your unique authenticity is so important to be SHARED.

When it is shared and we think longterm we become a bridge not just a castle on a hill. In all, you are seeking to do as “why?” If that why ends with you or even only the people you care about you’ll miss out on the blessing of life, giving it. Life can’t be just about making history, it must birth legacy. If getting lit doesn’t blaze a trial someone else can follow its a state of emergency not a lighted pathway.

I always say be known for your heart. A heart poured out is heart full and others can’t fit where there is no space. Focusing on the “why” is the reminder that we can’t live for ourselves but at any cost we must choose well; we are connected and it is our responsibility for the next generation and the one we currently exist in. Who will live because you did? One man CAN change the world for good. Together, we can from generation to generation.


This year has to be more than you getting it. It has to reach those around you. Everyone is a leader to someone; there is someone watching your life right now. Everyone says they want to inspire but inspiration can be of something negative. No one asks “what am I inspiring?”  The highest goal of inspiration or success isn’t being known. What makes inspiration “good” is what we seek to inspire. What does your life say to others? what does it generate? if we looked into the secrets of your choices and life, would others find keys to live better or weapons that would destroy them? Those who live beyond themselves this year will end up on top. Those that seek to give more than take are bouncing back. A good reputation isn’t obsolete and is more cool. I’m excited for the world to see that the true definition of fun isn’t being seen, but helping others to see. Things are about to change.

You are a light in this world, remember that in every choice and goal you set.

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