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Your Dreams Aren’t Your Enemy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When we are young our dreams provide an escape but as we become of age and experience some of life’s failures, if we aren’t careful, our dreams can become a prison. Why is it that what once freed us and motivated us to step out is the same thing that quicksands our entire perception of life and whose are? What is it about the world that has the power to control our minds? Sometimes we think what we see is all there is, and even worse, all that can be, but the true dreamers know that what is seen is created from what is first unseen. And it is that knowing that drives us from the inside to become and/or find the answer to healing, success or change. That answer is often found in what was and shall be; its the beautiful balance of old foundation and constant vision that reaches forward and makes sense of everything in between.

Why Not Be You?

You’re the only you this world will see. Your next season will be found in embracing what you fear trusting, what you try not to love, and what’s good that’s chasing you down.

Purpose is something you’ll never be able to escape because you can’t run from who you are. In a world where everyone hates how they look, where they are from and what they currently have… those that OWN THEIR IDENTITY AND LOVE WHATEVER THEY DO HAVE, even if its a little, are the dreamers who gain the authority to multiply and change their reality; not to escape it but to create and evolve from it. You have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to learn from. All things work together and while everyone else wants to be someone else…LOVE YOU AND FIND YOUR MAGIC.

Why Not You? You don’t have to live through the excitement of viewing others lives, you can build your own life. Get organized, share your vision( with the right people), put in the work and develop accountability partners and regime that matriculate PROGRESS AND CHANGE. You are special and talented enough too! Maybe you require more work and you have to make some changes, but the need for growth shouldn’t limit your dreams, it should expand their reality. It begins when you are willing to embrace your true unafraid self and you are honest about what you want. From there test it with purpose and a pure heart and in time you’ll develop. So will your success. Because the success of you will always guarantee a successful life but opportunity can’t guarantee a successful YOU; that’s an inner integrity.


By definition worry has two meanings: 1. To torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts. 2. To move with effort.

Our worry can build unhealthy walls or be used as a tool to disassemble problems. Be aware of an obstacle but do not stop at it. With a positive mindset, worry can be a healthy pressure that pushes out creativity and greatness that’s been trapped within, but a negative mindset builds pressure that will only weigh you down and bury you. I’m not saying to ignorantly avoid difficulty, I’m saying to make it work for you. Make it your B—H!

Werk Your Work

If we allow our efforts to stop at obligation they lose the momentum that empowers us in identity and purpose. Life is bigger than a to-do list. At some point, we have to navigate our dreams from being something we are slaved to do to things we get to accomplish and EXPERIENCE. Leading our dreams puts us in control where being a slave to them keeps the success of them the only success. That’s not true, we are the success and we are the dream. There’s something about knowing our potential that builds us through our handwork, so what we hope and reach for aren’t reminders of how far we need to go but fuel to get there. When you “werk your work” you know you have something to offer. You know regardless of how many other people do what you do, none are you. You know you every day is another chance to figure out the next step, not a treadmill and you don’t mind what it takes because you ALREADY BELIEVE you have what it takes.

So Now What?

Today get excited, get a little cocky and let humility not make you feel like a coward but compliment a limitless greatness. KEEP SEEKING OUT YOUR GOALS and make pursuing them routine and lifestyle. Level to level is the actual goal because seeking to arrive will only leave you with the success of yesterday. If you’re only willing when it’s easy, it won’t last anyways, because you’ll never truly be grateful for what wasn’t earned. Keep going because even if something you try fails, it doesn’t mean you failed. Don’t make failure a monument when it only needs to be a moment. Don’t make it your identity when its only something you may have to go through. Your dreams will fight for you when you stop fighting them, they aren’t your enemy, they are motivation for victory! Life is easier than we think and most of the time that’s the problem, we are thinking instead of BEing.

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