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Chariots and Chores

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I used to want to be perfect because I thought perfection got to avoid problems. I used to want a better life just to be convinced it was worth living. Have you ever just wanted more or better than what you have, even if just in one area of your lie? Have you also found it hard to create the change you wish to see? I’ve found doing the wrong thing eventually leaves you feeling like trash yet seeking to do the right thing only reveals how far left you actually are. So what is the verdict? Do we coward and quit or conquer and win? It sounds like a simple answer but its far from easy. Sometimes I feel I’m stuck right in the middle of I can and I can’t and I ask, where do I go from here, where am I? See, it sounds dramatic but we all question ourselves at times. Even when we are sure, we know we just took a step hoping there’s land. It makes sense why so many prefer to live prideful and/or as their own god; its a lot harder to fail and a lot easier to answer to oneself. It also makes sense why we aren’t created to live out of our own wisdom. Lately, I’ve enjoyed a constant reality that grace is the only answer to how I’m alive and that grace is the only way I’ll continue to live. When I let go of what I think I can expand what I know and from there I have the capacity to learn. What if I told you-you had nowhere to be? How would you live and what choices would you make? Giving up would reveal a weak character and trying too hard would expose the fear of not having enough. What If I told you the next step is to embrace where you fall? In at least one area we desire fruition but no tree grows before first becoming a seed.


Trees go through seasons but they don’t fear the leaves they’ll lose; they always expect new ones to grow. The success of most trees is being rooted and nourished. If it is rooted and fed, to lose is actually to gain and reproduce. One cannot happen without the other. Sometimes life has a subtle way of raining on our parade or drying out what was old in hopes that we hang on long enough to enter into a new space of growth and existence. See, if a tree never endured seasons it would never enter a needed cycle that doesn’t just keep it alive but pushes it to grow and CREATE LIFE. We are born to give life, but if we remain immature or unwilling to go through the process of evolving, failure loses the potential of being a guide and therefore can only become a wall.

Some things must die in order for us to live. Holding on to what’s dead or what needs to fall off prevents healthy fruit from growing. We can’t hold and grab at the same time. The way to learn to let go is by adjusting one’s perspective. If we process everything negatively we will always have negative results. When the soil of your heart is right and your mind is cultivated you develop roots that can withstand and the cycle of losing and gaining isn’t taunting, its the very sign you’re living. What season are you in? Is it a time to bloom or a time to shed? Knowing what season you’re in will help shape your focus and eliminate a lot of unnecessary worries. Understanding where you’re at isn’t to keep you stuck but to show you a way to backwards blueprint where you or your seed are headed. Some trees are thousands of years old yet have new leaves. Don’t judge your life by what you’ve lost, trust it by what you’re alive to gain. Trust the changes YOU NEED TO MAKE to become better and to stop allowing the same areas to build road blocks to your destiny. Your hope: There is no failure in a life of greatness because to win some and lose some is all apart of ageing beautifully.


The depth of your trial, the size of your obstacle or even the magnitude of your wildest dream isn’t supposed to intimidate you, Its a guide to help you determine how deep your roots need to go. Big trees have deep roots and strong trees the same. If you’re going to be hundreds of feet tall in success, faith, love and self-development, you probably need the right infrastructure and deep roots. Every time you dig you increase your strength. Don’t be alarmed by the levels you find, learn from them. I work in the entertainment industry and you can’t get comfortable. Even when you’re on an AMAZING job, it eventually ends and you’re back jobless and on the hustle of booking the next. Even your favorite actors have to book more movies to maintain and singers have to keep producing content and tours. I’m learning there’s a difference between the end and just the end of what has passed. If you judge every ending at the end of the road you place the pressure of need upon your mind. If you judge every ending as a detour and highway to whats next, you sharpen and evolve your journey. If you’re alive you’re not meant to stay in the same place and if you are, you’re not supposed to keep the same old fruit. Discovering another level to breakthrough isn’t burying you, its creating space to build you, for only from a strong foundation and deep roots can you really sprout and move upwards. When it gets hard, keep digging and even if the seasons change, you’ll withstand to see the next. How high do you want to go? …Then embrace how far you may have to dig.


If you don’t see what you have you’ll never be grateful . If you can’t see where you’re going you’ll never have purpose and if you can’t see yourself you’ll never be positioned to become better. Truth hurts but only when you’re not honest; When you’re honest truth heals and steers. Many lose the ability to see because they become too distracted with the “one way” they think they can arrive at the next level/a better life. Be hopeful AND realistic. If you’re only hopeful you’ll often be disappointed or fail to prepare properly for the things you want. And if you’re only realistic you give yourself no room for the miraculous to take place. The balance of both bring clarity to your vision and makes sense of what you will perceive. We can’t trust everything we feel or think, we have to constantly wear the glasses of wisdom and faith.

Right now you have enough inside of you to attain any goal but it is only through cultivation and time that you will grow. In the journey of becoming if you’re not careful what you experience will ONLY shape who you are when really its supposed to help surface it; who you’re meant to be! Your motivation for success becomes driven by the need for validation or greed when you allow your circumstance to become the mirror of how you see yourself and life. So, we can’t be like wind blowing to and from, but we must be like a sail seeking to arrive destination to destination. In any weather, a boat is a boat. And tho some waters are harder to sail, vision is the currency to keeping the course. Don’t allow the fight to knock you out! GET UP! GET UP! See the finish line. Here’s a hint, the finish line isn’t where you’re trying to get to, its who you’re willing to become. Ensuring you keep sight of peace, joy and gratitude daily make it easier to love every moment of life. Vision helps you see why you had to do it, why you have to do it. It shows someone else worse off and teaches compassion. Vision makes sense of your wrongs and encourages your rights. Vision can be seen or heard but will always move you forward. It is the moments we were alive that will testify that we lived. If we die to the mountains in front of us we will miss the beauty only the climb can give us.

Today embrace that your fight is your victory and your weakness is your strength. Embrace that you have to leave some things behind to either pull them forward later or make yourself light enough to fly. This second quarter of the year and this month can be aMAYzing, just don’t give up. Ask God what season you’re in, what waters you’re sailing and how to win from here. I promise you the only thing standing in your way is your lack of faith. Faith isn’t for where you’ve been or where you want to arrive at, it’s for everything in between. Maybe you can’t find the road to move forward because your faith has stalled. And maybe you’ve already moved forward but have been too sad to see you’re doing a good job. Recalibrate this month.

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