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2017 | 20SevenDreams

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

At a time when the world is very visible it’s important to not be distracted by what’s seen. Our vision can either create a road of hope or it can build a wall of limitation, for what we see determines the distance we can reach.

Yes there is reality but there is an untold story of the nearing future. The life you want to behold must be seen as you live; Now works from then unto when. What will be there? More importantly, what do you want to be there? What you WANT TO BE there is more essential than WHAT will be there, because one holds you accountable to ensure the best outcome, where as the other merely waits in acceptance of whatever. One reveals the leader in you where the other keeps you a follower.

In 2017 it’s quintessential you dream, face/challenge reality and then create the future you hope to see. It will be rough. It will be hard, but anything solid is worth standing on. Hope allows you to stand on life! Don’t let the bad of whats going on in the world make you question the GOOD of it. If you are here its still good.

I believe you were designed for good works and one flame can light a thousand candles. The sun is never intimidated by the darkness of the galaxy, it simply responds to it from identity and the result is LIGHT. This year, LIGHT IT UP don’t wait to be lit.

The world is filled with reactors but it is those that are proactive that blaze trails for those needing to flee the land of doubt, fear, worry, slack, depression they’re lived in and arrive safely as immigrants to a whole new way of thinking, the fresh start.

 What we see determines the distance we can reach

Live Inspired Task:

Make a list of what you need to change, what you have now in your possession (tools and everyone has something even if its the fact that they’re alive), and what you WANT to see. See it and pray for the strategy to build it. Do this daily. 7 major goals is my task to you for this year.

Do it because you can! 20SevenDreams | 2017

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