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A Life Of Service

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

After hearing the news in Manchester and all of the lives taken/traumatized I was disheartened. Not because there is darkness and evil in the world, but because there aren’t enough lights combating that darkness. If you’re not a part of the darkness but you sit around you’re not a part of the good either, you’re silent.

Silence that doesn’t find its voice aids the darkness because people will never see a way out and faith comes by HEARING. Where there is light darkness cannot stand. Why is it that those of darkness, who seek to dim the joy of many, do better at walking in their identity than people of the light? Darkness by definition is the absence of light so the question isn’t why is the world so bad and dark, the question is WHERE ARE THE LIGHTS?!

Light IS and it illuminates darkness. When we set the course of our lives beyond the spotlight we spark a flame inside that finds the will to start a fire and blaze a trail. Fire creates a way. That fire melts what’s been frozen or stuck and that fire becomes a light in darkness. We have been good about promoting ourselves and pursuing our dreams but we have now limited purpose to the fulfillment of our gifts and talents but purpose is much more, it’s about the impact those things will have on the world around us.

Purpose isn’t about entertaining it’s about causing transformational good.


If we only take are we really loving? If we need in order to give is it really giving, do we know love? Love gives unconditionally and to give is to love. One doesn’t exist without the other. Yes we all desire to receive but the default blessing of giving is that it creates space to receive. If we are full of ourselves how could we gain anything more? If we are too busy taking how will we ever have space to receive? What has no use becomes obsolete and a life full of itself is just that, obsolete and lacking purpose. Nothing is made without the intention to be used or to add value. Every creation should lend itself to the creation and sustaining of life around. This is what it means to be alive; the ability to birth or feed a life.


Today in the United States we celebrate Memorial Day. It is a federal holiday for remembering those men and women who have unselfishly served the country. It Honors those who were willing to die so that a stranger/someone else could live. A life of service is a life well lived. In simple form to serve is to do for another person but taking a step further to serve is to BE. When you truly know who you are you walk in a fullness that doesn’t need in order to exist but its existence is an answer to the call of a demand and becomes a reservoir of supply. Find the humility to become the answer. I don’t believe the world is getting worse I just believe its issues are becoming more visible. We should fear the day we can see darkness more than we can see light. We should fear the day we find that we could’ve stopped a bomber, suicide, bullying, a robbery or a frown but didn’t because we didn’t become the hero destined. This is a call that requires YOU to answer. If you’re really tired of all you see, give yourself to things, thoughts and ideas that will spark a flame inside of you that BUILDS CHANGE. Is what you’re affiliated with truly bringing light to the world or just giving you another spotlight? If what you’re seeking stops at you it will die with you and everything about life is supposed to live onto the next life. Maybe you just realized you’re not alive at all. Here is your chance to not walk with the masses of the walking dead and to now run with those carrying a torch of life. Be a light bearer. Live so well that we celebrate you in death as much as you celebrated life.

Condolences to all those affected in the Manchester Bombing. Im deeply sorry for your pain and loss. Live on and your life will become the legacy of those that passed.

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