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Be a Hero don’t collect capes

Updated: Sep 2, 2020


No one can do exactly what you do. You’re the only you, you’e special and a key factor. But as much as you make a difference so does the next person. We all thrive off of the dreams of others, those that help us and those that have gone before us. In this light we are equal and the only unbalance occurs when we fail to play our position well. We are all needed but in playing our position well the glory isn’t the praise we deserve but the latter; the opportunity of who we can SERVE. We don’t gain a cape because we’ve done a good job, we gain a life. The life I’m talking about isn’t our own, its the life of another person we had courage to live for.


The desire to serve well promotes healthy leading because you become the example and way.

In a day where popularity is credibility and resume is validation it’s easy to count the “likes” but being motivated only by “likes” eliminates the growth opportunity that comes from the “unlikes.”  A hero isn’t perfect but never fails to reign in courage where most would coward; Opposition is the opportunity. No, don’t look for trouble but search for the areas of your heart, mind and life that can still improve. Growth is an act of serving. A great leader is often first and foremost a great SERVER because the humility of leadership builds the strength for authority. You can’t lead who you aren’t willing to die for. Dying expands your capacity to love and it is the flow of love that sails an ocean of people. Serving requires: conflict, sacrifice, empathy, patience, communication, constant personal growth and did i mention SACRIFICE?!


Sacrifice should never be replaced by self-entitlement. Why you did it always reveals the true heart of what you did and what you did should exist beyond you; love more. When we stop needing trophies to do a good deed we will have less weight holding down our ability to fly; Theres nothing more disheartening than knowing your Hero has superpowers that are suppressed.

You can’t become who you need to be if you stay stuck in the “good” you’ve been yesterday and others can’t gain the grace to become better tomorrow if they remain in debt to your love today. Never make someone feel obligated to love you, let them be so overwhelmed with YOUR love they can’t help but love you. Being a hero is about the relationship you build with YOUR PURPOSE that in turns SERVES the purpose of those you help. And though you’ve done your share or more than enough, you’d never be a hero if you had no one to rescue. Even those under you are helping you. Stop counting what you’ve done and who you can become will have no limits.

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