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But where is my freedom?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

What is my freedom? Have you ever just wanted things to go your way and then when they do the outcome is far from great? Have you ever wondered what was on the other side and when you got there felt like you were in quick sand being attacked by vultures and lions? Have you ever failed to take a risk and missed out on what existed beyond your fear? What is too much and what isn’t enough? Is to do what I want the best way or should I live to the standards of the “only” way?

We are creative, artistic, interactive, unique, wild, outspoken, introverted, extroverted, different, calm, misunderstood, taken too literally, talented and the list goes on. We have so much inside of us and we either throw it all in the blender not caring what comes out or we hide the ingredients that make us unique.

By definition Freedom is: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The state of being physically unrestricted and able to move easily. The power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.

By feeling: To be warranted by right of desire without judgement or restriction.

By truth: now this is to be discovered daily through a renewed mind and challenged heart.

I’m learning that freedom is a gift and it’s a gift that must be unwrapped. Not everything we crave is healthy for us. Boundaries help create a clear path to flourish and gain velocity . Boundaries only frustrate us when we aren’t aware of the target or where we are going. This is why what is true must be discovered daily because what we find to be true becomes the gage of the life we will live; where we need to go. And the life we live reveals who we have decided to be.  Who do you want to be? Why? Is that person adding value?

There’s freedom and there is free-dumb . Don’t fear challenge and don’t fear a standard for if there is no standard how will we ever gage growth? Yes we will make many mistakes and we need grace but in wandering the fields to discover our identity we must remain aware/open to the adjustments needed to align with the best us not just whoever we find. We aren’t perfect people so we must question our hearts and minds. Every thought must be brought into divine captivity and every emotion must be countered with the reality of our destiny. Freedom doesn’t allow every desire and emotion to govern our every thought and action, thats free-dumb. Real freedom is having the discipline to CHOOSE what best serves our lives and the purpose of it. Free-dumb is allowing temptation and what feels “natural” to  lead without question (whats easy often doesn’t challenge the real you to grow; it stops at the current you, the you of yesterday). Freedom is bold and strong and discerns between whats wanted and whats needed, what tastes good and what is actually supplying nourishment. Being a rebel without restraint doesn’t make you a boss it makes you a slave to your weaknesses. You were born to be free with AUTHORITY. When you gain control over your vices you’ve found your FREEdom because your FREEdom will always FREE THE BEST YOU not all of you.

Know what is true and know it must be sought after. We can’t live at face value because behind every living being there are inner workings sustaining that life. So it is when freedom aligns with what is true (purpose, calling, design) that it produces WISDOM needed to guide that which makes us radically purposed. Freedom isn’t free at all, it costs something. Most freedom we have now is because someone was willing to pay a price. Free-dumb is often self serving and lacks this understanding. This is where we struggle. We don’t like the process. We wan’t everything fast and our way. We don’t want to have to put in work anymore and if we do we put in work we don’t want to have to CHANGE WHO WE ARE to compliment that work. We want credit more than we want excellence and we desire success over inner-personal greatness. We settle for the stature of the job over having/maintaining true skill needed to do that job well. You may have to surrender who you’ve been to find you are but on the other side of where you want to be is where you’ll discover where you’re needed most; who you’re designed to be. Don’t cut your life short because you were too afraid to carry the cross needed to live forever. Everything made was created with intention. Freedom takes the sacrifice of now and invests it for the wisdom of later where free-dumb, again, is self serving. If we only live for now we won’t gain the capacity to live later. Be more, get free!

Tired of going in circles? Feeling empty and used at the end of every binge? Tired of filling your voids with temporary fixes that take more than they give? Have you been finding you identity in what you can find or what you know to be true? Have you settled for whats easy? Do you want freedom ?

Ask yourself daily : Where am I going and who do I need to become along the journey to get there?

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