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Change Lives Everywhere You Live

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It’s not where you’ve been but where you’re willing to go and where you go should strengthen the testimony of where you’ve been.

Many are searching for answers. Many are looking for purpose, success and something/someone to make life better but I’ve discovered that we must look within to win and look up even when we fail. When we live only according to what’s outside of us we place ourselves in a state of waiting. Waiting for someone else to be great, waiting for something to give, waiting for proof. This approach will cause life to pass by without impact.

When we live from what’s inside, as we expand, we position ourselves to create the wind.

This is what’s needed to sail great to destinations. In a paparazzi era there’s so many spectators and not enough doers. Many followers and not enough leaders. We can’t desire for people to follow us until we are first willing to lead them somewhere.

Where are the innovators and pioneers of what hasn’t been seen or done? New is not impossible because it began when you were born; no one else can be you. Find the courage to escape the limitations of yesterday and you’ll never be disappointed by the walls of tomorrow. You don’t have to complain about injustice when YOU CAN build culture. You don’t have to wait for something to meet your “standards” when YOU CAN build what you desire to stand on. The blueprint of a sailboat has been duplicated many times but the unseen wind is what gives it its force. Maybe you haven’t found what you were looking for because you’re supposed to be the one to FIRST create it.  Live every moment as your last and you’ll never miss an opportunity.


Everything you find yourself complaining about FIRST ask what YOU CAN do to make it better. Once you discover that, make it the focus. Accountability.

Final note:

Life will take us many places, some desired and others never wanted. We can’t always control where we end up but we can control who we will be when we get there. Behind every camera there’s a story and in every life there’s something new the world needs. That’s you, you are it! Don’t wait, just be it.

Check out this great video below from our time in Brazil. Video by @nickdemoura

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