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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The excitement of magic: it dazzles, it intrigues and it gives a burst of wonder. But it’s often not what it appears to be. Womp womp. Does that necessarily mean magic isn’t real and/or that the magic is lost? Everything in life begins somewhere and if we never had to start we would never be able to finish. The beginning is the end because the end requires a beginning. Have we lost our excitement to learn because we have placed our only joy in the magic of arriving? If we can’t explain how we got there we’ve missed what its there for. Therefore, is it that magic doesn’t exist or have we been looking at the wrong things?

 DON’T LOSE THE MAGIC because you discover the tricks of its illusion.

Magic TRICKS are an illusion. What we see is spectacular but there are parts we don’t see that can be deceiving. It takes skill to successfully pull off an illusion. If we forget the intricate skill it takes to perform a magic trick we will find disappointment in every hat; bunnies don’t just appear, they are placed. Understanding what it TAKES produces an appreciation for what’s required to be GIVEN but without the right perspective instead of fostering appreciation for the process we will build discouragement. What you look at reveals what you will see. Do you see how all things are working together or are you stuck on whats currently there? Are you so desperate for the end that you can’t find where to begin? And are you so frustrated with the skill or time it may take that you’ve discredited you’ll ever get?

Don’t let the illusions disappoint the art. In as much don’t let the process of life detour its milestones. Its not that magic doesn’t exist or that goals won’t ever be reached but that we’ve placed more hope in illusions and the APPEARANCE OF GREATNESS than the details or tactics it takes to present the art of them. I believe in fairy tales because I believe life is good. Learning is good. Hard places are good. But these things can only be what we choose to see. If we judge the possibility for good by a probability then we will probably only see the bad. The illusion was never meant to trick you, it was designed to build something more than surface in you. it was designed to add skill, technique, long-suffering and performance to you.


The illusion only becomes a lie when we seek the validation of its truth more than the beauty of everything we’ve learned to display it. A successful life doesn’t mean one without problems or obstacles, thats not reality, but it’s one that has learned to overcome and dream. One that didn’t fear having to learn first and one that wasn’t limited to the odds it was given but found a way to beat the odds. The grand finale of a trick beats the odds. You may be thinking ” but it was just a illusion” but I believe a magicians reward isn’t convincing you that something is real as much as it is inspiring you to discover how to break the molds our reality, even if just for a moment. Magicians aren’t afraid to dream and they aren’t disappointed that the trick wasn’t real. Why? because the magic is in the details. We think the magic is the trick but they’ve found the true magic is THEIR ABILITY TO DREAM AND SKILFULLY PRESENT IT. Life is more than an instagram of “I made it” and most pictures we see used multiple takes and filters to present that “perfect” photo. For me, it doesn’t make the photo any less real, it just shows it needed some work. It reveals that we can stop at what we see or we can build it to be better.


There are illusions and then there are possible impossibilities.

Grabbing the details of life or a magic trick equip you beyond a moment and allow you to see how things work. Many stop life at the illusion of greatness because they refuse to learn the discipline it takes to actually make life great. Most will only live at the surface of illusion and never see a miracle because they fail to realize it was never about what they had or what they would need but who they had to become in order to receive or overcome. A magic trick requires patience and timing. Connection to people. Precision to execute the next move. It requires much practice. This is life and practice makes perfect. Not because life is perfect, its not, but because you growing and walking in excellence will always be the days perfection. You can’t be afraid to challenge your reality for the dream you wish to see. You can’t grow weary because you have to get better first. Don’t become disappointed because you found that life wasn’t a magic trick because the real magic was always meant to be more. The fact that you’ve made it this far was a true miracle and the trick was the bait to get you to finally believe.  You were starting to believe dreams never come true and magic wasn’t real because you were waiting for the trick. It was never about the trick, it was about the becoming brilliance of the magician. So you see, magic is real and dreams come true because the journey is the magic and you are the dream. Your life is a detailed garment of love that unfolds mysteries as you remain willing to live. Embracing the details isn’t to prove the trick wrong/false its to prove YOU, the real magic, RIGHT.  You’re getting better and everything is adding up.

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