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Do You Even Lift?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

If every mountain we faced disappeared we would never discover our ability to climb. If the wind never blew we would never set sail and if we never had to fight we would never know there was a conqueror inside. To want greatness is to want the strongest versions of ourselves because we can’t live out a purpose we can’t carry. If we don’t embrace the weight we can’t grow and if we don’t grow what was meant to bless us will crush us. I’ve learned to stop putting energy wishing away my problems and instead I put my energy into becoming strong enough to solve them. Your best moments are those that you have to fight for because those are the moments that give you something to live for.


You can’t rush a season along but you can cultivate the proper conditioning through the process. What you eat fuels you and the rest you set aside restores its work. Have you been starving the muscles of mind, heart and soul? What are you thinking on and surrounding yourself with daily, is it feeding you and WHAT is it feeding you? Without proper nourishment, you’ll lack energy. The problem isn’t your obstacle but that you’ve become too weak to overcome it. Without rest, you’ll live exhausted, which leaves room for something you should be strong enough to endure to now stop you. Right eating and rest are your accountability so instead of placing blame on whats around you can build from the inside what has the power to change the outside. You can win but not if you start half full.


You can’t get buff overnight. Heavy lifting often requires proper breathing and form. It also requires a clear mind in order to focus on using the correct muscle for the exercise. Sometimes in life, we exhaust our strengths on our weaknesses when the focus should be to allow our weaknesses to become strengths. This is a time to stop masking your problems because it handicaps you. Today restructure your stability and bench press whats been blocking you.


Definition: a heavy weighted object attached to a rope/chain used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom.

Have you been running from the pressure you feel? Have you been avoiding the heaviness of life that weighs on you? Do you avoid hard realities and truths? Such things sound like bad news but the good news is that you may be right where you need to be. You are an anchor and the pressure you feel is positioning you for purpose! If you run from it, you’ll miss learning; YOU CAN EMBRACE THE WEIGHT OF IT. Most things in life can produce wisdom, and wisdom is the gift we gain to give to others. You could never be someone’s anchor if you didn’t at first walk in the authority of your design. You’re created to withstand adversity and you’re empowered by the fuel of it when you live in the strength of your purpose. You can carry it!

When we win others can too, but we won’t win until we ‘when’. When we embrace the fight. When we get honest with ourselves. When we stop making excuses. When we get up and try again. When we believe. When we put others before ourselves. When we forgive. When we hold ourselves accountable. When we cry. When we stay while everyone has gone. When we give even without having much. When we say we will be first. Our when becomes someone else’s win! We are anchors and it is the very things that add pressure, that if handled with faith and a positive perspective, position us for a purpose. Instead of viewing our problems as our demise they become the guarantee we are right where we need to be for impact. When you know who you are, the depth of life is your opportunity to live, not your invitation to die. Yes, you may sweat but you’re getting stronger. Yes, you may need to go places that feel isolated but you’re stabilizing a family, community, industry, generation or nation to come. Yes, you may even cry but know your tears will become the ocean your life will sail.

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