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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When you can comfortably acknowledge where you’re not – yet, you expand where you can go. Most are so thirsty for the need to be validated that they rush through the process avoiding essential truths and drown on the platform. We’ve fallen in love with titles and numbers. We’ve become one of many instead of the one and only us. And some people have just gotten tired and therefore have stopped trying. In past blogs I’ve discussed finishing strong, being still and graduation. Now is a good time to:



What you’ve called failure may actually just be a lack of preparation. We look at what others have/do too much We should be focused on what we are doing! “What is my preparation?” is the question. We become obsessed with the lives of others and how they’ve made it, which can be smart and helpful at times, but if we stop at those, we will never arrive at us. Getting real is getting down to the core of ourselves and looking at what’s REALLY there. Maybe we’re not where we want to be, not because we don’t have the talent but because we don’t have the discipline.

The mystery of life is that it needs ALL OF YOU to function well; every part of you matter regardless of what you’re doing. The body has many intricate parts and in order for us to remain healthy, every part must be in good health. What are we overlooking? We tend to post only our favorite parts and live out the highlights but its whats in the shade we need to find. Wholeness is hard work but the more solid we become the better a foundation we can be for our dreams/desires. Analyzing every part of your life, even the hard parts, would you say you’ve been working towards wholeness or living in the brokenness of whats familiar? Get real.


The ability to say “yes,” with a pure heart and purpose in mind, allows the wisdom of when to say “no” to arise. Your willingness is greater than your tendency to fail because it is only through your willingness you’ll even begin. You can’t until you do and you won’t if you never did. Getting smart isn’t gaining knowledge alone, it’s also gaining UNDERSTANDING: what you’re learning, need to learn, or have learned. Information is more available than ever with the increase of technology but if the functioning of a filled mind lacks it will be of no use. Wisdom appropriates knowledge and this what gives it power. Knowledge is power when wisdom is the surge of it.

Now is the time to assess everything you faced in getting real. Keep what is and let go of what is bad. Habits can be good or bad. Tendencies can be good or bad. And both can be learned or unlearned. What have you been learning and is it teaching you anything? A good way to gauge your growth is to ask yourself if you could teach someone else how to win where you’ve won. If you can’t then you haven’t fully received all you can from the life you’re living. Every problem is a tool once solved. Get smart because now is cultivating the new.


Maybe you’re already going, but is every part of you enjoying the ride or are some dragging behind? Don’t assume you’re good; do tune-ups often. When you sense the need and/or desire the next level you expect a conflict to arise because the new you has to come out of the old you. To breakthrough isn’t to just receive new over there but to emerge it right from here. It hurts, it’s confusing and requires adjustment but above all on all levels it’s NECESSARY. Don’t allow the shell of who you are to block who need to become. It will slow you down and keep you stuck. This is why the pressures of life become the blessings of life; they help crack the shell that would keep you stuck and the new stronger you, are forced to break through. So many are seeing the year as winding down but I think the year is winding up to release something awesome. Where do you need to be to arrive where the opportunity will land? Sometimes we have to be still but other times we need to prepare and align where the opportunity can find you. And not just where do you need to be but what condition will you arrive in. The problem with highly favored or gifted people is they stop working hard and rest on those things. They get by without putting in the work. They show up but what they have to offer never does. For this, I say work like you did in the beginning. When you were hungry and when you would be grateful for the things you probably complain about now. The end is determined by the beginning so to ensure every day is maximized work, live and love like it’s all just begun. You’ll find gratitude and true pride.

Someone would’ve died to live to see today! While you’re alive live. Let nothing stop you; you’re unstoppable.

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