• Mykell Wilson

Incoming Traffic : The Safest Place To Be

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Let’s be honest. Trials suck! They run us down, run us over and leave us at the end of ourselves; they break our hearts and challenge our hope.

But What if I told you that was good news?

What if the only way to  discover great distance is by traveling outside of the place of comfort?

When we reach the end of ourselves we have no choice but to FIND a greater us.

Trials keep us on the cutting edge of our potential. Opposition creates a fight in us that eventually launches the arrow of hope and penetrates the barriers blocking us.  Who we need to be to overcome emerges at the inability of who we’ve been, and if we fear facing opposition we can’t gain the victory of it.

If we keep our backs against the traffic we block our vision and lose sight of what’s coming towards us. Traffic can either chase us down or we can face it and learn how to dodge and maneuver through it.


Today Stop running away and run into your darkest fears. Your courage will become a light bright enough to illuminate them.

Today make the choice to see and you won’t have to run aimlessly only to tire out but you’ll gain an understanding of how things flow.

You can create your own lane when you live boldly. Today remember you can, today change your testimony to I DID! 

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