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Is Real: A Moment in Israel

I didn’t come looking for anything. I lowered my expectation so that I could find the most genuine experience. Seeing the golden history that previously had only been read melt at the feet of a live experience left me filled and drenched. Truth, discrepancy, history, murder, sacrifice, false. My heart didn’t grieve at the site of his crucifixion and my eyes didn’t swell as I saw the tomb but my SPIRIT quickened and leaped as it took note and began a three day journal.

On the pavement of ruins and in the space of opposition I felt a truth I wasn’t there to witness but to have witness to me. It spoke to my lineage and existence. No one can deny the presence and depth Israel carries. And I’ll go as far as saying you can’t deny that Jesus lived and died; with great pure impact. Now his resurrection, that’s difficult but being a man who almost died, hanging on the doctors doubting moments, I can fully understand it’s validity.

Truth is hard to know. So many things shape our personal truths and we can’t help but question anything outside of them. Anything that opposes them. But are we asking life the right questions? Or have we limited life to our answers? We know what we know but faith isn’t about knowing it’s about TRUSTING! To forge tomorrow only on the wisdom of yesterday bounds time. Forge what we can be, the unseen. This is why I seek truth and love daily. This is why I came to this land, Israel, open to really gain an experience and not the emotional experience of fabricated hope.  I’m not wise enough to know what I need but I am wise enough to admit I GREATLY NEED.

We pray, Justin Bieber prays and it’s time to perform. Even being a spiritual man I added no expectation to what would be felt. Without thought, scripture or church I was overtaken. The power of Gods Love crashed into me and wrecked me with tears. Songs that aren’t even emotional in our show were and I cried and cried. I didn’t come looking but my eyes saw, my heart listened and my mind didn’t question.

There’s so much I can still say. Being in a land where Jesus was so prominent yet is irrelevant to almost the entire country creates a contrasts worth exploring. It painted my heart with bloodshed and softened my concern. It left an impression I can barely put into words but I will live out through my life.

I’ll end it here. Don’t be afraid to question what you know AND don’t know. There is a life of power that can only be found. There is a realm of love that can only be received. If you’re afraid ask for courage and if you’re too proud ask for humility. The wise admit they know nothing at all and that creates space to sail and discover it all.

Be Loved today.

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