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Is surrender failure?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Every road we’ve walked or highway we’ve driven didn’t magically appear, someone had to pave its way. Rather it be a field, a jungle or an ocean if we never become willing we will never see the other side of it. Our willingness is the only thing that holds us back, not our willingness to fight but our willingness to surrender. We have been waiting for life to make it easy but thats our job. Surrender is needed strength outside of our own because on every level who we’ve been will become obsolete. Don’t fear who you need to become as much as you fear staying who you’ve been . Evolve to win.

There are so many areas in our lives we must discover over and over and will probably always have to work through in our lives but today I wanted to focus on three areas. The goal is to stir inspiration in you that makes you seek within yourself where you need to surrender and let give or change in order to live higher.


Many people never fall in love because they are afraid. They fear failing. Rather it be trusting the other person with their vulnerability, trusting themselves to remain committed, simply because it’s new or because they are ashamed of who their heart fell for; its all fear.  I think even if people knew they would live happily ever after they would still doubt because it’s easier to stay here than to travel over there. Love requires work. Love requires change. And love requires faith. If love stopped at you it would be easier to manage but in as much if it stopped at you it probably wasn’t love at all. Love incorporates the other person and to want for someone is better than to want from them. When you find courage to give to them and the relationship, what’s best, more than you desire to receive you will find it easier to let go and love. Holding on to your ex, self or fear eliminates the space you need to feel their love. There’s no wonder why you question if the other person is enough, there’s no space for them to give enough. And maybe you’re not struggling loving a significant other, maybe you just need to forgive. The same applies, people can only fit where you let them. Don’t limit someone because you didn’t have space in your heart.


You can’t hold what you won’t grab and you can’t know who you haven’t spent time with . Not everyone but many run from God due to fear. They fear who they need to become. Others fear God because it doesn’t scientifically or logically make sense an some believe mankind is the highest existence there is. When I look at the power of mother nature then stare at the frailty of my bones I can’t help but wonder why I, a man, have so much dominion. This humbles me because it makes clear that the world is a gift. I’m more convinced of my faith by what I don’t understand and can’t answer than what I know because I wouldn’t serve a God who could only think like a man, I could just serve myself.  I need God to be out of this world. If that’s my expectation then I can’t expect to discover Him on the ground of my understanding, I have to venture into the outer space of what I can’t explain. Find God on the moon and you’ll see the sun but find Him in surrender and there no limit to seeing everything. When we don’t surrender we limit how He can speak to us. If we really want to know we have to let go of what we’ve learned and whats easy. I trust God can handle our challenge but if we ask with deaf ears then we haven’t created space for Him to speak. Let go to let God because if God you don’t need to hold on.


You thought it would be easy. You thought if you did your best everything would fall into place. Right when you were getting progress something else went wrong. You thought if you took the risk its sacrifice would be enough. You are still waiting for better.

You thought after finally reaching your dream you’d be happy. You thought more money would equal less problems. You thought fame and success would make them love you. You even thought it would make you love you. It didn’t, you are still waiting for better.

Surrender has no expectation other than trust. Where surrender finds faith surrender it finds flight because better is always evolving, its not an arrival or destination. You’re probably closer than you think and most likely you’re probably there. How do I know? Because if you’re going to live forever nothing lasts forever, you’ll eventually want more and will overcome more. Every step is just a moment. Every moment creates momentum or quicksand but its YOUR choice. It’s your choice what you learn even if its not always your choice what you have to go through to learn. You’re carrying enough but if you carry too much you want have a hand left to grab whats been trying to help you. Help yourself by embracing now as you continue on to live “better”  later.


Surrender gives your garden time to cultivate. Surrender allows you to move forward as seasons change and even seasons change in the course of time. Failing to surrender is like stopping in summer and complaining its not winter. Maybe the winter is cold but the water that freezes will become the water that hydrates in the summer. Maybe the sun in the summer is scorching but its light is blossoming your garden. Seasons come and seasons go but no season is wasted, each provides and pushes towards the next. It’s the changing of times and the cycle of each storm that generates the wind and blows seeds to new places of Spring and shine in the summer. You need everything you’re going through if you’re planning on growing through. You’ll never reach your highest potential living afraid of failure, love, faith or your dreams. I’m not saying don’t fight, I’m saying surrender is knowing and accepting what season you’re in so you’re not expecting the sun when you should be looking for the rain. Most people win not because they are the best, perfect or the most wise but because they’ve endured. Remaining gives you a second and third chance to do better next time. There is no arrival only growth. I always say time will tell but what can it tell you if you don’t stay around long enough to listen? Surrender and be patient, its your rest. You’ve been fighting long enough….. let go, let go, trust the seeds you’ve sown.

Written in Aarhus, Denmark. During a time a time I’m battling self, love and ever listening to Gods voice. My life is far from perfect but I’m loved perfectly, even now.

Surrender. Running away from it isn’t the answer and sometimes running to it doesn’t make sense or ask enough questions to give comfort. The only way is up! Rising above it all allows you to take inventory and see the true landing place instead of settling where you’ve been pacing. 

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