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Keys to unlocking your Identity : Pages from The Mighty Little Book

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Destiny will ALWAYS speak to the depths of who you are and when you have the courage to listen, you can scream to the world who you were born to be. Honor your creation.

You’ll never lose when you believe you were born a winner.

We spend most of our time questioning if something is possible but we can only receive according to who we perceive ourselves to be. Our mindset dictates the perception of what we have. No matter what, if I gave you a million dollars and you believed it was ten dollars, you would never attempt to spend its worth. If you go into every situation with a mindset of doubt or failure you’ve labeled who you are as such. When your mindset is that you’ve already won you will run the race with joy instead of desperation; there is no arrival when you realize YOU are already here . Now just be!

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