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Learning To Live (pt. I)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The question of life isn’t “are we going to die?!” the real question is are we ever going to live? The first becomes last and the last becomes the beginning. Every moment matters; even sleep has a heartbeat and carries purpose. In a time of terrorism, racism and natural disasters it’s important we tune what we listen to because we let speak to us will either build our faith or silence it. Don’t ignore the sound of whats seen but knowing who you are to those things will make all the difference. Knowing who you are in the time you’re alive gives value to your life and purpose to your destiny. Most of us are living mediocre lives trapped in the sorrow of yesterday and in fear of what could happen tomorrow but the beauty of life isn’t to prevent death, it’s learning to live in spite of it.


As I grow in wisdom and experience I understand how much of life is a choice. As I age I learn alignment produces this beautiful place where I’m neither old nor young just ever evolving. It’s right in the center of now that I find all peace and it is from peace the choice of life, births the joy of it. We have to mature past the point of making reactive decisions. A proactive life gives us authority over what we can control and strength for what we cannot control. We too often wait to respond but responding creates the sound. Faith comes by hearing but don’t forget that when you can’t hear anything good: news, reports, results, you can CREATE THE SOUND. When is the last time you spoke up for what was right? Helped someone you didn’t like? Sacrificed ? When was the last time you lived outside of your life? The wisdom of life is often found outside of comfort zone. This is because wisdom isn’t for you, its to be used by you. Wisdom is a gift received that’s to be given through our actions and love. To grow in wisdom you have to grow in experience and true experience is discovering whats never been and gaining the knowledge of it. This week take a step to the side of yourself and live a little higher, live a little broader. Live for someone else and then acquire the knowledge it took to help them.


Everyone on earth suffers pain, hurt and obstacles that feel like they will overtake them. The difference between victors and victims isn’t experience, its PERSPECTIVE, FAITH AND THE WILL TO LIVE. It’s not that I’ve figured out the key to NEVER being afraid of having doubt, but that I refuse to stop living because of them. I refuse to become what I hate and IF I STOP my life at the obstacle of those things I HAVE MADE THE CHOICE to live beneath them. We give too much credit to what we are facing and that’s why we lose to them. They aren’t that big but they will be as big as we make them. Who is bigger, you or them? Take a moment and reflect. Do you think your obstacles are bigger than you are? If you answered “no” you should already be encouraged and if you answered “yes” the real problem isn’t your problems but who you believe yourself to be; for anything we feel we can conquer we comfortably walk over, even death means nothing to one who doesn’t fear it. So the real consequence isn’t found on the floor of your obstacles but at never climbing them.

Use the energy you normally give to sobbing and being sad to finding a solution. Take up a new hobby, add a morning devotional and stretch, dedicate more time to helping others (you’ll see you’re not alone), serve your community, start an organization or read. The list goes on. But don’t continue giving your energy to your pain. Like mentioned in “Roots and Leaves” blog series, some things only fill you but things of purpose will expand you.


..Then forgive life where its failed to give you answers and then forgive yourself for allowing the lack of something to silence the voice of who you can be, AN ANSWER. When was the first time you felt confident, OUTSIDE of being the best or popular, just in your own preparedness and identify? Did you not hear I love you enough as a kid? Who first told you were talented? Who first told you NO, how did it feel? Did the death of the loved one kill the life you were still left to live? Were you finding your identity in money? Did you use sex as a weapon that’s actually only killing you? are you addicted? Have you failed to see your choices made your bed hard? What brings you peace? What brings you rage? What are emotions? What is pain really? Who are you?! Do you know you’re loved NOW as you ARE?

Ask and ask this week. The goal isn’t to revisit some things you want to forget but to see the first seed of some of your strengths and weaknesses. If you find what was planted was a weed, DIG IT UP and if you find it was a root needed to harvest a garden, WATER IT. This week’s blog is just the foundation for something we will learn to build in the coming weeks. Life is a choice, to be learned and our opportunity to build. Don’t hang on to bricks you don’t want to build with and don’t let them crush you either. Throw them aside and build with whats new. Build again and let’s learn to build your better life now.

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