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No Change? GO AGAIN!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I don’t know how many times I’ve said “I wish I was perfect” or ” I don’t think life will get any better.” Perfection sounds good but eliminates purpose that can only be found THROUGH the journey. If we never faced obstacles we would never discover we could move mountains. And presently If we only desire mountains and skip the climb we won’t gain the skills/wisdom to teach someone else how to leave the ground. In as much, being flawed has been my opportunity to grow and growing has proven change eventually comes. It takes time and it is hard but it is possible.

Desiring more? Keep pressing.

Falling short over and over? Get up and try again.

Your battle becomes someone else’s victory; it’s not your perfection they need as much as the display of your perseverance. No change? GO AGAIN!

In life, as a man forever evolving, I’m always under construction. I have so much to learn but that’s the beauty, I can always learn; no limits. I have to remind myself to stop seeking perfection, not to settle in my weaknesses but to enjoy working where I am weak. Working on my weaknesses turns them into strengths and facing them makes ME stronger.

In career/goals I wasn’t good at anything I just worked really hard. I challenged me. It’s not where you start or where you fall but where you GET UP and remain willing to finish! We want the highest achievement now, instant success, but life isn’t Instagram. You can’t filter the ugly or thirst for likes. It’s a process and that’s ok because light best shines in darkness. Light was created to illuminate not merely be seen. I believe this is why it’s hard to stare at the sun, because its purpose extends beyond itself. Therefore shine in problems and/or obstacles and gain the fire to illuminate everything in and around you.

When you aren’t distracted by what’s in front of you you’ll be able to move move beyond it. Start somewhere, start now. If you’ve started and failed, like I have many times, GO AGAIN! In everything you face if you keep going you’ll keep growing. Today forgive life, forgive yourself, forgive them and GO AGAIN.

“Even a wrong turn leads you somewhere you’ll learn there’s a sky and not just the quicksand” – Song: Fly Away from my EP “Sometimes I sing”

Written in Stockholm, Sweden.

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