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Power Moves

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When you think of boxing it can be assumed you’d think of punches, arms(reach), hands and power. Two months ago I started boxing and quickly learned that my feet, balance and foundation were just as important, if not more than my hands. Where you place your feet on the ground determines your advantages and disadvantages. We all want to get in the ring, we all want to win but we also may fear the fight and getting hit. Regardless of confidence or doubt its a sport of strategy and preparation and everything starts on the ground.


To have an orthodox stance means to stand with your left foot on the front and right foot in the back. To have a Southpaw stance means to stand with the right hand and right foot forward, leading with right jabs and following with a left cross right hook. This is often determined by your strong hand but interesting enough your strongest hand is the one held back and reserved for power blows. I’m right handed-my strong hand, but I’m orthodox which means my left hand, the weaker one, is out front, forward and leading. It’s fair to say that in a fight you would think your best hit is the only hit but in boxing, even a weaker hand and hit, thrown with skill and plan, can be the perfect setup to land the knockout. I’ve learned in many parts of my life that my weak areas aren’t to be avoided but to be strengthened. That process can only begin if I can first be honest with where I’m weak and need work. To mask my weaknesses would be easier if I stood southpaw and placed my right hand forward but it’s reversed. My jab, first punch of a 1-2 combination is not my strong arm, it’s my weak one. Have you counted your weak areas out too soon? What are some weak “arms” in your life? Have you presented them? Are you strengthening them?


Those who fight with skill win. You have to athlete your life. It takes more than power and willingness, it takes preparation and strategy. Most are so hungry for the win that they focus on the victory more than the warrior it takes becoming to win the fight. Think about some of your biggest and largest dreams. Think of the things and opportunities you really want. Could you honestly handle them NOW? Are you prepared, strong enough, bold and skilled enough to win and maintain success? No matter how passionate you are if you’re a non-skilled boxer and hop in the ring with Floyd Mayweather or McGregor you’ll badly lose. And not only that but ruin your reputation before you’ve even built it. A winning combination is a composed set of individually developed tools that when combined create the perfect set-up to do damage. Maybe your power blow is failing only because you lack strategy, not because you’re weak. Failing to know the difference will result in you working out the wrong muscles; You’ll keep lifting weights when you should be lifting your mind/weak areas.

What is your current strategy? It may start with your weaker hit first.


Focus builds precision and skill allows you to hit the target without looking at it. When fighting you’re to stare directly in your opponents eyes. You look in the face of whats in front of you and read its every move. You can’t be afraid of whats staring back at you or of getting hit. You learn to dodge and fight from the defense. You learn to block and take the impact of the hit. What follows every move of your enemy is your response. With the right Focus, you can position yourself to handle the battle and keep the upper hand. They say ” the best offense is defense” and in most fighting styles it is the defense that guides you to be successful offensively. Most great fighters don’t hit first, they respond the best. Maybe lack of focus has you watching the wrong target. And maybe what just surprised attacked you is actually a blessing you can use to make your next move your best move. Don’t fear the fight. Look it dead in the eyes and trust your preparation will land the punch.


We always think there is only one winner but after watching recent events it all depends on what you were fighting for (some fight for money and win either way). One goal should always be to do your best and another is to prepare and believe you can win. But never discredit your training; you’re better than you were just maybe not yet good enough for where you want to be. That’s ok, keep working! Don’t stop because you’ve lost. Figure out jab by jab how to win and land your strongest move. It is not one straight shot but your ground, footing, state, preparation, focus and both your willingness/strengths combined in strategy that adds up to the win. Your best fight begins when you win and you don’t have to wait till the end to be victorious when you can prepare for it in the beginning.

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