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Roots and Leaves (pt. II)

A seed is designed to be planted but it isn’t purposed to remain there or even a seed. Some dreams/goals that were meant to be planted we’ve buried. Some things we’ve let die and others we thought were dead were only to be hidden for a moment. Maybe your battle hasn’t been that you’ve let your hopes die but that they’ve appeared to lack progression or substantial movement. This blog is both for you and the person who stopped dreaming. Everything that is seen is created from we cannot see yet. If you’ve buried your seed it’s time to dig it up and see what’s still there. If you’ve been in a waiting period, keep waiting because something is happening. Assess what you’ve been feeding your seed and have faith that underneath it all there is life; keep fueling it.


Let’s start with those that have been waiting. Actually, let’s start with those that have been waiting and waiting; the last will be first. Perspective: if you’ve started you already have it because the process bears the fruit of the seed. The process is seed form preparing to germinate.

What is germination? The development of a seed that has been dormant for a period of time.

Every seed will sprout at a different time. And the only thing that can delay or derail the journalist is improper conditions. The waiting game in life is one of consistency and progression. It’s less about potential and possibility. Waiting is hard because it is testing and often it’s not the dream being tested but the dream carrier. YOU!

Germination is more about the conditions the seed lies in more than what’s inside the seed. For germination to even begin, for all seeds, there has to be water, oxygen and proper temperature. A perfectly healthy seed is not activated until it receives water. Have you consistently watered(filled) your seed? Have you been comfortable with the oxygen(space) it needs? And what temperature (attitude/atmosphere) have you provided for it to grow?

Some need light and others require darkness. Regardless, a seed needs the right conditions to grow. You can’t want a dream but not also the process of it and you can’t have a seed you don’t consistently feed to grow. The atmosphere you create determines the life of what you want. Every dream starts a seed but EVERY SEED NEEDS YOU TO BECOME THE DREAM.


Have you let the waiting period become the identity of what you’re waiting for? Trust what you do not see. Do that by using your faith where you can see, what you can give. Build your faith and it will be the soil that protects what you want to gain. Faith pays for a dream in full and time is the gift wrapping. In time everything underneath will have no option but to reveal itself because seeds are built to expand but it can’t until it’s purpose is activated by the water of your hope.

Your dream/positive outcome needs you as much as you want it. You are the only one who can truly plant it. Without you, it won’t be watered but Maybe the water of your faith is in a drought. Fill your soul and your soul will rain on your life. Whatever doesn’t till your land or fill your heart is dehydrating your life and it’s no wonder nothing has been able to grow in it.

Your challenge is to continue progressing as you wait and/or to analyze the conditions of your soil.


I have some raw news. The age of a seed affects its health. What did you bury and let die that you were supposed to plant and only temporarily hide?! A seed is filled with life within itself. Literally. Every dream is packed with provision. Every hope has a strategy. As a seed ages, it consumes the nutrients stored inside of it. When all of the nutrients are consumed the embryo must grow or wither. One requires you and the other lacks you. One adds life and one limits it. Your seed needs you to stay alive.

When we do nothing with our seeds ( potential/hope/dreams) they can’t grow into anything other than themselves. Nothing on earth lasts within itself. Its life can only be activated through its death. A seed dies to itself in order to live as something more but fearing its death has stopped us from receiving the life it carries inside. This fear stops us from planting at all. If you wait too long you will miss this season.

Disclaimer: some seeds need specific timing. That’s ok. A seed can live as long as it’s kept in a cool place. I liken this to peace. It’s wise to know when to plant and when to water, when to go and when to wait. Your seed isn’t dead, it’s just not it’s time.

Back to those that have let the weeds in their garden present them from seeing anything more. You’re blocking your vision and no one plants a seed they think has nothing in it. Your vision allows you to see what’s inside. As discussed last week, your eye is the lamp of your soul. Heal your perspective and you’ll heal your land.


Hope, God can restore what we’ve wasted. Forgive yourself, others, life and God for the seeds in your life that have died. Failure hurts but it doesn’t have to be the finish line. If you’re alive you can gain a new seed. If you’re alive the potential for fruit is still inside. And if you’re willing to believe and willing to put in work your dream can finally meet you. Your dream needs you to survive; we’ve been waiting for our dreams to finally live, but without us, our dreams will surely die.

Written in Cologne, Germany

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