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“Sometimes I Sing” – The EP is out and I need you!

My debut EP “Sometimes I Sing” is blazing the hearts of many. I am blessed with many skills but the purpose remains the same, to inspired people. Music is another vehicle and instrument.  Art creates a sound that can challenge the chaos of the world. If you need to be inspired, get turnt or take a long drive this EP is for YOU. I was blessed with a beautiful opportunity through Emily Hibard’s Idle Tuesdays LA non-profit artist program in 2016. The journey was intense but great and filled with a professional team who are GOOD PEOPLE and TALENTED: Matt Bang Production/Some writing, Sound Chalet- Mix and mastering and other wonderful supports in marketing and vocal training, Ryan and Mat Fretschel/ Dennis Lamar. Im proud of this work. I wrote most of the songs and to work with the elites I did on this project was humbling to say the least. I learned so much. They changed my life.

I need your help!

I am grateful for your support and I am asking that you join my movement of being in Mightys, my supporters and world changers. Spread the sound, inspiration and message of EP.  Share the link and know, I need you on my journey. 

Click the image below to check out my EP.

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