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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Whatever you’re filled with will come out when you’re squeezed. Goal setting, conflict, disagreements and obstacles pull out what’s within. To ensure the success of everything you’ll face having a clear mind, heart and perspective gives the leverage needed to create solutions and reconcile what’s broken. If you don’t take time clearing your mind, heart, body and spirit you’ll pollute who you are and lose the clarity needed to effectively BE. Any moment you’re alive is your greatest moment but if you’re not free: free from pain, worry, frustration, anger, doubt or simply fatigue, what is good will become clouded- less visible and even worse the fog will make it hard to move forward. Clouds form but it always eventually rains and clears the sky.

Clear by definition:

  1. Free from darkness, obscurity or cloudiness.

  2. Transparent

  3. Without discoloration

  4. Easily seen

  5. Distinct

  6. Convinced, serene, calm, freed.

(Websters Dictionary )

By definition the characteristics of CLEAR can aid any part of our lives. To be free from darkness means we can see. Transparent reveals our ability to be honest and open communicators. Easily seen indicates our ability to create light. Without discoloration is to be pure in form, untainted. Distinct makes us unique enough to be noticed amongst the rest and to be convinced in anything will always build faith for it.

PEACE IS SOMETHING YOU BECOME not something you have. We’re always searching for that “something” that will bring us peace and it never quite does and if it does it doesn’t last. We find ourselves in situations and our first thought is “if this goes away I’ll be happy, I’ll have peace. Peace isn’t found in perfect situations, It IS peace that perfects them. Peace calms storms, settles confrontations, finds solutions. PEACE IS what we wish to see but really it’s what we are supposed to use. Peace is a tool and it’s found within. In any complex situation our minds can be our ally or our enemy. We are supposed to overcome the things that challenge us, not just wish them away or different. If what’s outside of you defines you you’ll constantly shift course; you’ll never arrive. Life is full of ups and downs but our ability to be immovable anchors our ability to SEE IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM. You can’t steer your boat upon rocky waters, make tough decisions, if you don’t STAY CLEAR!

I’ve learned that the mature mind/heart looks to be changed more than it desires tough situations to change because in purpose every obstacle becomes an opportunity. One to grow, one to learn and one to love. Instead of expecting “things” to change be willing to change. In time you’ll become the thermostat instead of the thermometer.


It’s often said you can’t always control what happens to you but you can control how you respond to it. This is still true. How you choose to handle a situation reveals if you’re qualified to move past it. Most want the next level without the graduating process. Losing control is to give away your strength and if you can’t win on the level you’re on what makes you think you’ll conquer the next, a more challenging one? We are emotional reactive beings but learning to be proactive is quintessential to gaining the clear mind needed for the wisdom of preparation, what’s to come unknowingly or unexpectedly. Fill yourself with the right things and free yourself of the wrong things in a healthy manner.

I’m very positive and joyful BUT WHEN TOO MANY BUTTONS ARE PUSHED my anger goes into overdrive. I always have to remind myself that I am a firework not a grenade. I give myself space to EXPRESS HOW I FEEL, GENUINELY, but do my best to let it lead to light not casualties. If you don’t express how you feel you’ll explode within. If you don’t challenge how you feel it will govern you and when it reaches full capacity will blow up everything around you. When you take what you feel, not overlook it, but channel it upwards, you release it and yourself. Fireworks allow all to SEE.

Being clear is hard to accomplish because daily we have to empty ourselves of impurities and fill the cup of who are again. It’s ok to struggle or think a lot and sometimes get clouded, that’s life but remember to rain on it. Make it rain ! Lol. In every situation get clear and you’ll live in control. Don’t focus on what you want or are going through more than you focus on who you want to be in and on the other side of those things. Live clear and you’ll see clearly how to handle all of the twists, turns and craziness that come with being alive.

Spiritual outlook: What you put your faith in becomes your peace. Embrace who God is on the inside of you and find the divine keys to your creation. You’ll unlock every door and build the strength needed to breakdown what’s in front of you. You won’t breakthrough until you build you and you can’t build you alone.

PSALMS 29:11

“The Lord gives strength to His people, The Lord blesses His people with peace”

Written in Frankfurt, Germany

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