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The Mighty Little Book – Available Now!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Mighty Little Book, #TheMightyLittleBook, was released worldwide July 28,2016. It has received a mighty response of love and support. I wrote the book as a gift of inspiration for the world; the PEOPLE and I first gave it away, each quote, for free on social media the year before. I understand there is something special about carrying words of hope in everyday life and obstacles so I wanted to gift a way through them. It’s beautiful to see the gift I gave given back to me through such genuine support.

The first signing at Republic Of Pie in North hollywood sold out! I couldn’t believe it. I to totally underestimated it’s success. On Amazon it reached #2 on Hot New Inspirational Releases and to see it in Barnes and Noble was a personal goal that was amazing for me to experience. The book has been purchased multiple countries with hundreds sold already. I’m a first time author who dances and sing so any purchase is a blessing. I’m grateful for the revenue of hearts. The world isn’t dark, it just needs more light. This is my contribution to its illuminating. Grab your copy and light it up!

Thank you. – Mykell

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