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The Seed Of You (pt. III)

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

What you don’t deal with on the ground will weigh you down on the mountaintop. The need for growth is inevitable but the choice of it has to be made. Going through the process preserves your destiny and ensures no dark corner of your life is overlooked. This is key because the platforms and goals you seek will only illuminate your issues, not hide them. You can’t place a filter over the root of your struggle but you can filter it out of your life; through the willingness to dig it up.


Don’t fear what you will find once you start digging; It’s essential to your life that you remove what could block it. Sometimes, if we are honest, we nurture our hopes and desires more than we nurture ourselves. We think that if we gain all we desire on the outside it will finally heal what’s been broken on the inside. But the hard reality is that healing is from within, growth is from within, the next level is from within. The positive of that truth is that everything you need is on the INSIDE. Inside of you right now there is a dreamer. There is a warrior. Whatever you are hoping to be: a mother, father, healthy, successful, happy, a leader, beautiful or deserving… IT’S ALL THERE NOW but you first must grow.

How do I know? because in every seed there’s life to sustain it and life to be born from it. Your guarantee is that you are the evidence for what you wish to see in the world; all you have to do is come alive. We all have the opportunity to live but only those that preserve will come alive and that takes being planted. Have you planted the seed of you or have you settled where you are? Though a seed can carry a forest if it’s not planted it will bear nothing. Sometimes the breakthrough we need isn’t found in watering our seed but paying attention to where we’ve placed it. If we water a seed that hasn’t been planted it will drown. It is the soil and pressure of the ground that gives it its foundation. It is the very hard place we try to avoid that causes us to grow roots and withstand any season. The shadows of what we’re dealing with only help us search our soil. It’s time to find the best of you.


On every level, I realize the need to re-visit my tendencies and then test out of them. On every level, I find success and failure, joy and pain. This is life; constant seasons of budding the new out of the old. Peace isn’t a destination is a tool because we will always want more and need to grow to receive it. We are reproductive beings and every birth requires a new set of DNA. Why would our goals/dreams be any different?

I’m thankful for each new day I get to dig up what’s trying to bury me because this is my story and what I’ve gone through will only give me life and what I will go through will only add to the pages.To wish my life was easy is to write the end because life is infinite, to be lived and therefore must continue to be written. To live we must let die and we can’t be afraid of diving into our hearts to come alive. What is deep in your heart? Why do you want what you want, really? Are you still seeking validation and calling it purpose? Are you doing it out of your pride and ego? Do you want what you want to prove yourself to others? Why are you now doing it for those you never started it for? Is it for good or are you still trying to convince yourself you’re somebody worth it? Why don’t you believe you’re good enough? Why have you stopped working for it? Have you settled? Are you afraid you made the wrong choice? Do you need to face the truth that it’s not for you? Have you been running from yourself? What’s at the core of you?

What you don’t deal with on the ground will only weigh you down on the mountaintop because you were never meant to carry your pain or anything you face, you’re meant to birth a stronger you through it. Breakthrough your pain, obstacle and or next level. You’ll find your roots have turned into the branches you’ll climb and you’ll discover self-growth is your success because it is the only thing that can sustain it. Plant the seed of you today, you’ve buried enough dreams.

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