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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You’ve waited long enough!

Don’t allow the cycle of life to circle you in when it’s designed to move you forward. The fear that comes in embracing your route or purpose is the opportunity of your faith. Faith isn’t cliche because it’s unique according to each individual. Your faith looks different than anyone else’s. Faith is for now because tomorrow is hoped for today and what you can’t see is just as valid as what you can see because every moment creates momentum for the next. Have you seen yourself? Have you met the you of tomorrow or are you too in love with the you you’ve been?

Why do we run from who we are/can be or the things we have an instinct to embrace? The instinct of a lion spurs its traction and feeds its legacy. I know we want great things. I know we wish for the best and desire a well-lived and accomplished life so running from ourselves isn’t about the fearing what can be gained as much as the responsibility that comes with it all. In winning you become the: example, the standard, the hero and sometimes the reward. There becomes an expectancy for you to win again and again and that pressure can be unbearable. It can make you settle because it’s easier to win at low levels than to lose at high ones.

The destiny of great men is to voyage but stopping leaves us stuck at sea. 

I’d love to say it will only take one more victory to MAKE IT but as I’ve mentioned in my book and often in my blogs, there is no arrival. Life doesn’t stop at win because the beauty of life is to win again and again. This forward movement is the shedding of our skin the dawn of a new day which guess what? Requires a better us DAILY. This is the blessing of life but if we don’t make the choice today we don’t get the opportunity to stand tomorrow and walk the day after that. 


We can’t approach a day that has never happened before as one who has remained the same. The people we were yesterday must be equipped TODAY for tomorrow. As the day is new our goal is constant renewal and it’s not that we abandon the sunrises or anything that cycles in good but we can’t dread the wind that changes. In every cycle there is the release of the rain that washes the old away or the wind that blows seeds to new destinations. If your routine is leaving you stuck it’s time to switch it up. If your routine doesn’t DEVELOP YOU and strengthen your purpose at best your sword will be a shield. But it’s not supposed to stop there; it’s a tool to cut through the quest of life. 

You’ve been having a hard time not because you can’t be better but because you keep rejecting better. Failing to draw your sword removes your born identity to win and by default keeps you losing or repeating yesterday. Better spend what used to be good enough and invests it in what’s even better for tomorrow. Whatever things you need to cut off from your life, whatever you know you should STOP doing, whatever addictions you have or toxic people you need to let go of… LET GO! You can’t grab your sword if you’re too busy holding your past. You can’t grab your sword if you’re too busy holding your issues.  Grabbing your sword doesn’t require you to be perfect, it requires your heart and mind and with each swing you cut away what’s been holding you back. What you’ve built up to this point is probably a castle of weeds keeping you stuck. The hard choices you face today reflect the winner you were born to be tomorrow. Your “yes” is needed if you ever want to find the “no” that doesn’t settle for less. You can’t grab your future holding yesterday. Embrace the higher standard, the better you TODAY! 

How to draw the sword:

– Look at your sword and trust the destiny that’s activated when you grab it.

– Secure your foundation, restructure your footing and ground. Check what’s there and ensure its sturdy and can be built upon. 

– Grab with both hands! You can’t walk with one foot on the ground and you can’t swing your everything giving half of it.

– Say yes daily, say yes in every moment. It all adds up. That small choice you feel you can overlook, DON’T. You can’t conquer big if you’ll coward small.

Written in South Africa 

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