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Wake up the Wonder

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

What is it about a super hero film that gets us going?

For hours we’ll watch the blood, sweat and tears of bold individuals, who are always empowered or from another world yet poured out upon unknown territory. We see them fight battles bigger than themselves and our adrenaline heightens hoping they will pull ahead in victory. We gain insight to the sacrifice they face in leaving their homes-safety and comfort to further embrace and evolve who they were born to be; who they are. We know villains are real and love that there are people willing to fight them. This is our inspiration. This is our hope. Good can prevail! Why does this message stop when the movie ends, why do we believe in fairytales more than we get more joy from the hope of our own lives? We used to wonder. These films and characters would inspire us to make armor out of towels, sheets or whatever we could find lying around the house and fight the air, bushes in the backyard or even play-fight with our siblings. We were fearless and we were ready. Because just for a moment we believed we could do what they do. We believed the good guy could win. That’s just it, We believed.

When you fight for what you believe even when you appear to be losing you’ll win because victories are found in taking a stand not in preventing a fall. When you’re willing to be the first you’ll never be last and When you call to the hero inside who has been bottled up within will answer and what moves your heart becomes your opportunity to fight and discover just how super you are.

DON’T RUN FROM WHAT’S HARD because then what will you stand on?

Your battle is your mountaintop not your grave. And your conviction is the voice of your soul. If you ignore your convictions you risk never discovering who you are. It is our unique perspective, passions and contributions that bless the world and declare from within to within that “I matter” and therefore “I can make a difference.” Yes We are imperfect. Yes We have issues, weaknesses and vulnerabilities but these are the very things that grant growth. If we never had a new height to reach we would never understand how large life is. A small view leads to a small mind and we can’t receive what we don’t believe exists. Conviction stirs our wonder. Even when we can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong we instinctually sense it. Why wait to live when you’re already alive? Be open, now is the perfect time for heroic acts. What makes someone courageous isn’t their ability to beat the odds but their WILLINGNESS TO FIGHT in spite of them.

Sometimes the worlds tragedies seem so grand and too big for any one person to tackle but when you remember your job is to make A difference where can you can you’ll remove the pressure/fear of disappointment to have to make THE difference. Your best is always good enough. You may not always be the one meant to save the world but “you can save today.” Impact every person and situation you come across positively. You can’t predict every outcome but you can control what YOU DO NOW. You owe it to yourself to at least TRY.


You do it anyways. Maybe they don’t deserve you but if the darkness you find dims your light you were never lit. You can’t expect people to embrace what you never lived. The sun doesn’t focus on the darkness more than it illuminates. It’s existence is enough to eliminate it.

The War Is Now 

I understand light can illuminate darkness so my only fear isn’t the darkness I find but the light I didn’t look for. There will always be struggle in our world because people are in it and people are imperfect. But when you find more reasons to love them you’ll have less reasons to hate them. The condition of the world is a by-product of the condition of our hearts. We need more love in the world and not just for those who deserve it but for the preservation of GOOD in all of us. Love changes things, hate kills them. Everyone is saying: “is the world is getting worse?” but I ask am I getting better? Many say “what’s wrong with the world?” I say how can we heal our hearts/minds? And some simply say “it’s going to shit,” but I say who is willing to clean it up? I think we’ve been looking for a hero and making excuses why we haven’t progressed but it’s not until we find the hero in ourselves that others will see the potential hero in themselves. Inspiration is a vibration. What will YOU FIGHT FOR? What will YOU AID in your country, city or neighborhood? The change you wish to see doesn’t matter if you keep it at a thoughts reach. Don’t wait for someone else to do it, Wake up the wonder. Be a hero.

Written in London and LA.

Personal struggle: as a man who is imperfect seeking to be a light I have much inner darkness I must overcome. Daily I fight by letting light in and not fearing the darkness I find. I don’t fear it because I understand light can illuminate so my only fear isn’t the darkness I find but the light I didn’t look for.

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