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Why You Did It Is More Important Than What You Did.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You give people your all. You give people your best. You work hard. You’re unique. You face opposition in reaching your goals. Life hits hard yet you stay in the ring. You love hard. You lend. You help your friends, you bless your family. You do ALL of these things and my encouragement for you is – AS YOU SHOULD. 

Doing good becomes the opportunity at the call of identity thats willing to BE good. What you did reveals what you do – why you did it reveals who you are. Would you do it if you never got recognition, never became famous, if no one ever returned the love you put out, if it cost you something, if it cost you EVERYTHING but was good, would you still do it?

What you did reveals what you do – why you did it reveals who you are

Great people are forged in the fire of tough decisions. Every choice you make shapes the moments that build your lifetime. Who do you want to be? WHO will people say you were? That will forever trump what you did. If you do much from a bad place its still bad but doing good will always be enough. Limiting your expectation solely to outside things and people take away from you because you now NEED in order to give.

You are tired of doing good and working so hard because you have holes in other areas of your life and are subconsciously expecting others/things to fill them but only God and purpose can make you whole. This truth will forever sharpen the reflection staring back at you. Side note: Don’t fear needing to CHANGE. Who you’ve been was good enough – but can’t take you much further. 

Great people are forged in the fire of tough decisions

If you’re honest you haven’t been a good enough friend to yourself: You settle for mediocre wins and justify everything you do. Some of you haven’t pushed internal growth in a while; Your sacrifice stops at what feels good and now you can only see an enemy in every person/thing connected to you because you’re holding them accountable for that which you’ve mismanaged.

Every one/thing now owes you for the good you’ve done but to work on you is to work on others. The victim mindset will keep you depleted. Unlock the hero inside of you and you’ll never mind who you have to rescue.

No one owes you anything. The good you do is biblical. The bible tells us to do all things unto God. Doing it unto others and yourself at best will build a life but doing it unto God builds the legacy of your life. Fruit. If you count the good you do you’ll always be in debt but if you let every good deed pay it forward you’ll have no end.

The best investment will always be what you were willing to give.

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