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You don’t have to have been to go

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Think of one place you want to visit but haven’t yet. Do you have that place in mind? Ok, how do you know it exists? I asked this question to a friend and he said he’s always wanted to visit Barcelona, Spain and was planning a trip. I asked how he knew it existed and he said because his girlfriend has gone and that he learned about it growing up. I find it interesting that we have faith enough to plan vacations to places we’ve never been before, that are often far away in another country, yet don’t have faith enough to arrive at the destinations of our hopes and dreams. They appear different but the faith it takes to arrive at either is the same; You have to trust you will get there. Someone else being there and even learning about it isn’t the same as YOU yourself going yet it’s enough to start the journey. There are so many testimonies out there that can encourage the possibility of what we want to see and there are enough maps to success but none of that matters if we don’t GO. We normally desire to arrive before we gain the willingness to go but that’s impossible. So it is in the pursuit that we discover that the journey isn’t about where we want to go but who we need to be/become to get there. I think its time to plan a vacation/trip some place you haven’t been before. I think its time to believe you can arrive.


How far do you expect to see from where you are? I know its easier to have some sort of map but a map is supposed to be an overview of the trip not the guarantee of your steps. Without your steps, the map you seek has no purpose but without a map, your feet can still lead you somewhere; even a wrong turn can lead you somewhere. Another thing a map can’t provide is every stop sign or red light you’ll encounter, how many times you’ll have to switch lanes, how loud you play the music, if you want the seat reclined or upright. The map was never meant to be about the details, your choices are. Even with the same map of someone else you would gain a unique journey because no one is exactly you and no moment is exactly the same. If we stop waiting for details we can learn that the details are in each step we take and it is the summation of steps that indicate we are walking, we would be more excited to explore. I’m not saying details aren’t helpful, I’m saying they can’t appear before we do. I’m saying that some things aren’t supposed to be explained because some things are supposed to be LIVED. Have you been waiting on the details to live and therefore have been standing in quicksand? Have you discredited the maps you currently have because you judged your arrivals by what was really the lack of faith to leave where you’ve been standing? These questions are essential because they challenge the existence of you and force you to see how you’ve really been looking at your life and goals.


Some goals are there to only lead you to find new ones. Since life is forever evolving we can’t limit goals to the end of a thing, most goals are a gateway to the beginning. Yes, let them be milestones and signs you’re headed in the right direction but too often we lose our identity to what we want and when we don’t get it exactly how we want we discredit who we are. Every failure can’t equate to you not being good enough. Who you are on the inside is shared by what’s on the outside, but, shouldn’t be shaped by it. Internal growth helps steer goals and keeps the journey of you from sinking. When goals shift, change or fall shirt your ship will still be able to sail because your foundation isn’t coming by way of temporary but what is everlasting. What goals are you setting that are everlasting? What is the difference between a goal and a win? One takes you. A goal is often something far off we want whereas a win is anytime we’ve taken one step forward. Yes, we teach its crossing the finish line and scoring the final point but those are goals, places to reach. Whereas a win is a person to be. You’re a winner not because you beat the opposing team but because you were made. Living from a winning mindset allows every step to be filled with victory and instead of working to win you’re working to win again; no failure. Most are working to win not knowing that crossing the finish line is only going to start the next race. I almost love that there is no ending point because it confirms I will live forever and it also helps me to stop looking for one thing to arrive to and see where each one is taking me. Each goal is taking you somewhere and often it’s far beyond where you’d imagine. Let each goal be one more direction on the map of forever.

Why bother?

Because the place of peace must be renewed daily. Faith must be renewed daily. Love must be increased daily. We are here and that’s reason enough to see what we are here for. We didn’t give ourselves the very breath we breathe so why should we keep this life all for ourselves? Giving back and living beyond oneself will always open up our capacity to receive. As we expand we make space for whats new and now instead of being trapped in the routine of life, we can experience the newness of each day. Look for whats unique in each day and you’ll never be disappointed. We bother not because living is a chore or a punishment but because it’s a gift. Every gift must be unwrapped first in order to use it. We know this but we judge the gift of life by its wrapping and never discover what’s really inside. And if we do open it up we forget to use it. What things have you been given that you’ve overlooked? The things that make you different, the things you judge and wish you didn’t have, are the things you’re to sharpen because no one else will ever have them. You’re trials and dreams feel like you’re the only one dealing with them because you’re the only one who is supposed to. yes, we all struggle but it is your unique struggle that gives your story testimony and gives your life a story. We bother because we matter and its time to live like it.


There are so many things I want to happen in my life before this year is out and my driving force has been the reminder that I’m not helpless. I need help but needing help isn’t the same of having no ability. It is when what I can do meets the help I need that I will find what I’ve always wanted to achieve. I can’t go to Japan from LA without a boat or a plane and I can’t get to my destiny without the road of life. I discover over and over that my obstacles are giving me momentum because they cause me to learn. If I can’t see further than where my eyes stand I know I can’t gain any more than my mind can expand. The walls I breakthrough build the strength to. I want to go every place I find the need for my destiny and if I’m alive I know there’s more to be discovered because no one creates something they don’t plan on using. Maybe your parents had you by accident but destiny didn’t. Maybe you have a handicap or an addiction that leaves you weakened but your purpose says you can stand. It says that it’s all adding to your story. The story you”re living is possible because you’re alive. Find more excitement in your life today and you’ll always believe that no matter what you face, you’ll get there anyway. You don’t need to have been to go and you don’t need to arrive to know it exists. You exist and If you seek out, you’ll get there and discover not just what you want but how strong you really are. I changed my prayer from “God help me” to “God show me how to help myself.” God is your GPS and your fuel but everything else you deceived. What car you drive and how you roll is about your faith, not Gods ability. If you want better get it and continue to believe along the way.

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