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Your second wind : A second win

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I’ve learned it’s not enough to live but to seek daily the renewal of what you’re living for.

It’s at the end of yourself(ourselves) the better you will come and rescue you. The better you is stronger, prepared and has endured but life as the best you only begins when the old you has died. Death sounds scary but don’t fear because this type of death isn’t impending doom and it doesn’t end who you are because the true you will always remain. But it does ensure that who you’ve been is constantly GROWING into who you can still become and weeds out what NEEDS to be eliminated.

As we get older we too often settle for “this is who I am” but those who are wise remain like a child. Childlike faith and work ethic is propelled by “who can I be?” and even better has courage to dream of the better them. Have we stopped dreaming because it’s easier to pay? To dream is to hope for what we can’t produce and must earn in becoming. This surfaces our faith in possible impossibilities where what we pay stops at our strength. Yes, we can say our dreams are a summation of what we’ve been willing to pay for but I believe real dreams are impossibilities that touch faith and divinely become reality; require transformation not just fame, success and resources. If a house is a dream and I spend my life earning income to obtain it then isn’t it the same as paying? If you want just a house yes but if you want the blessing it cost to get it, no. What I can pay comes with a price tag but doesn’t essentially require ME TO CHANGE to receive it. A dream comes with a sacrifice and internal investment; requires me to change. As I’ve said before, I am the dream-we are the dream ; To grow is to gain and is  priceless because WE MUST BECOME to receive. The second wind often comes as you gasp and you’ll never gasp for fresh wind if you’re puffed up with the old.


I’m sure we all want to win the first time but there’s always a lane where we will find traffic. What have we placed in our lives that is only taking up space? What have YOU allowed in that should be out? That addiction, lust, obsession with finding a spouse, distraction from causes that shouldn’t even be your concern, people you’re not called to change, that habit you think isn’t bad because it’s “small,” we all have things we let clutter the space of our lives. The more clutter the harder it is to find clarity. Lack of clarity leads to disconnection and a lack of vision and you can’t travel where you can’t see you need to go.

A SECOND WIND doesn’t mean you’re out of air you just need to switch your pace. Don’t get comfortable where you are. Don’t let the tendency to fail relent your willingness to try. TRY AGAIN. Most victories are won through the endurance of heart posture. Don’t fear noticing you can’t breathe. Make adjustments that free you. Switch your job, friends, location and routine. Discover what’s new.

I know I’m in need of a second wind, a second win. Lately I find my strength in my friends who are seeking what I’m seeking and chasing who/what I am. I lean on them and produce challenges that causes us both to grow and hold ourselves accountable. Are those around you helping you breathe or suffocating you? Currently with my friend from Australia I started a prayer challenge and we write out prayers daily and share them.

I also find another wind in securing daily healthy thoughts. I read books, listen to music that carries the lifestyle I want to live, focus on the positive and challenge the negative.

Side note: even what you listen to becomes a reflection of you. That song with pointless lyrics may entertain you but is it building you? Don’t live just for what’s entertaining because you can’t simply change the channel when life gets real. Yes have fun but know the difference and make sure your day is filled with more substance than nonsense.

For you maybe it’s a diet, maybe it’s calling your dad/mom more, maybe it’s daily forgiving that person who hurt you or maybe it’s grooming yourself so you find new confidence. Maybe it’s reconnecting with God, or simply trusting Him again. Maybe it’s questioning your faith to really discover truth. WHATEVER it is, if you’re alive you should be BREATHING. Needing a second wind doesn’t make you weak, it’s strengthening each stride as you breathe your way to the finish line, you’re second win!

Written in Mumbai, India 🇮🇳

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